All you need to know about drone wedding photography

For every couple a wedding day is the most special day in their lives. Everyone would like to capture those beautiful moments and the best way to capture the magic of the moment is through photography. Since aerial photography is becoming more and more popular, a lot of people are opting for aerial photography of their wedding because it’s adding a unique touch to everything. But there are a few things you should keep in mind when hiring a drone for your wedding.


As a first step, you need to hire a drone operator (and talk with him about wedding photography packages) which is a trained professional (otherwise you risk serious damage and accidents and you don’t want that, especially on the most important day in your life). Second step is planning – you should sit down with your drone pilot, ground photographer and plan everything to last detail so everything goes as you wish – everyone should be synced.

Drone insurance

Every drone pilot needs personal property and liability insurance for commercial UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle). If something or someone gets hit (which is extremely rare, but still it can happen), the pilot is covered and the damaged object will be repaired. Double-check that your drone pilot has taken the maximum safety precautions. Better safe than sorry.


  Drone can capture dynamic and amazing videos and photos. It will capture scenes that will give that special touch to your wedding photos and videos. Beautiful landscape that surrounds you, mountain or valley, river, your drone pilot will surely find a way how to fit it into your wedding story. But if you are having your wedding outside, have in mind that drones can’t fly on heavy rain or strong wind (over 25 miles per hour). Remember: drones are meant to shoot outside, not inside. Also, with drones there are no close ups, but that’s where your ground photographer starts.


If you don’t want to hire a drone, instead, you would like to buy your own drone (which you can later use for other shootings), there are some things you should keep in mind like image and zoom quality, flight time, noise level, hovering capabilities and stability.

Image quality and flight time

If you want sharp pictures, then you need a lens with a fast shutter speed. The shutter speed is the most important factor when it comes to reducing blur.  You have to keep in mind that the drone and the subjects will be moving, so you need a very fast lens nad you should aim for shutter speeds around 1/1,000 at 200mm or 1/500 at 100mm. Most of more advanced drones have a flight time of 20-30 minutes. Your drone operator should have a spare of 1 or 2 batteries, so you are sure that all important moments will be captured.

Hovering capabilities and noise level

When that special day comes, everyone wants everything to be perfect. You should keep in mind the mayority of drone models are not silent. Some are more louder, some or less, but still, you have to consider the noise that a drone produces as a factor during the ceremony. If it’s too loud or you think it may disrupt the guest or the ceremony, you should talk about that with your drone pilot. That’s why planning is one of the most important parts.  You can have a wide shot before the main ceremony, or you can shoot what you want during the rehersal.

Drone photography will surely add a special touch to the most special day in your life. You will have photos from a completely different perspective which will give that breath-taking touch to your photos. Wedding aerial photography is becoming more and more popular and it’s a huge yes! But, you should keep in mind the steps mentioned in this guide.

The best drone models for wedding photography:

DJI Phantom 4 Pro – the safest flying experience

Inspire 2 – the best image quality

Mavic Pro Platinum – the most quiet drone experience

EACHINE E520 Drone – an affordable drone that has a 4K camera

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