Short guide – how to choose my first drone

Do you need some quality aerial photos? Are you scared of heights? Shooting from an airplane is too expensive for you? Taking in consideration that in the last few years there are some low-cost quality drones (UAV’s – unmanned aerial vehicles) in the market, all of your problems have a solution. Below you can find some tips of what should you take in mind when buying your first drone.


Drones are becoming more and more popular and as a result, they become more affordable. Drone market is changing quickly. Besides, drone models are having more advanced features which allow you to capture amazing shots.

You might be asking yourself what kind of photography can you do with a drone? The answer is ALL. Nowadays, drone photography is present in many industries.

Real estate photography

Real estate photography is a field where drones are widely used. Aerial photographs in a real estate industry can show you the boundaries of a property or the landmarks that surround it.

Stock photography

You can find a lot of websites where you can sell your photos and videos. There are a lot of great photographers out there, so it’s harder to break through, but aerial photos and videos will definitely open you all the doors into this world. Aerial imaging is becoming very popular in stock photography, which one good reason why you should try this. Capturing breath-taking photos with a drone gives you a great feeling and if you can earn money at the same time, why not?

Travel photography

Drone imaging has a big potential in travel industry. Aerial photos of an exotic destination, ocean, beach, luxury resort and its surroundings are becoming more attractive. Such photos show us the beauty of a place from a different perspective and it adds something magical to the place. This is without a doubt a growing field for drone photography.

Wedding drone photography

Wedding drone photography is also among the growing fields when it comes to aerial imaging. This is a special day for every couple and we all want something amazing to remember. A drone, that will capture a beautiful mountain, valley or river that surrounds your wedding location will be absolutely stunning. Such photos and videos can be shot from different angles and perspectives where your ground photographer can’t go.


Before you go out in the store and buy a drone, do your research. First of all, think about what you want to achieve with it? Are you interested in taking stunning photos as a hobbyist? Do you want to become a professional and use it for commercial purposes? Is the drone a gift for your kid? All of there questions play a huge role on the selection of the model you will buy.

When you find out your goals, go on Google or Instagram and search for some drone photography examples. If possible, find out with which model were taken these photos. This will give an estimate indication of the model quality. Read the specifications of the models and select a few whose features suit your needs.

Before buying, it’s always good to try it. If you have a friend or someone near you who has a drone, ask them to show you how everything works and to teach you some basics.

Don’t buy the cheapest model just to see how it works. When it comes to drones, we could say “what you pay is what you get”. Cheaper drones are often difficult to fly and they often crash. The more expensive a drone is, the easier is to fly it. It has more features, more sensors, obstacle avoidance and many others, and it’s less likely it will crash.

After your research is done, there comes the last question: Which drone should I buy? That depends on your goals and your budget. If you are aiming for stock photography, wedding photography and similar, go for drones with the best image quality. If you need a drone for travel purposes, choose a smaller, compact drone.

List of popular drones with the best image quality

DJI Mavic Pro 2

DJI Mavic Air 2

DJI Inspire 2

The best drone for traveling

DJI Mavic Mini


Drones are quite an expensive investment. Keep in mind that is highly recommended to have your camera insurance. If you buy a DJI drone, they have their own insurance product – DJI care.

Laws and regulations

One of the most important thing is to be familiar with local laws and regulations for drones. Every country, every region has its own regulations so be sure to check them depending on your location.

Having a drone will show you the world from a whole new perspective. It’s a world of beauty, freedom and new possibilities. There are a lot of things you still need to learn, but you will do it, step by step. When flying a UAV, remember: fly safely, check your region regulations and enjoy the stunning view and photos.

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