The Parrot AG Drone

Parrot is one of the leading drone manufacturers in the world. The company has taken a slightly different approach to most of its drones as compared to DJI, which primarily manufactures quadcopters. However, Parrot has also added a few winged drones to its lineup as well.

But, that’s not all; Parrot has branched out like other companies and has begun offering more than just consumer drones. They have also entered a range of different fields, including offering drones that are designed for search and rescue, wildlife inspections, building inspections, and a lot more.

Now, with the Parrot AG drone, the company has entered the market for agricultural drones as well. This is a potential cash cow for many companies, as long as they are able to produce drones that farmers actually require. Many farmers are now leveraging technology to allow them to take care of their fields in a much better manner.

Drones are actually playing a very important role in streamlining operations in farms and making things better. Parrot, one of the largest European drone manufacturers, has entered the field by offering drones that are designed for a lot of versatility. Basically, they want to tackle the grassroot problems that most farmers tend to face.

Companies such as Parrot have begun to realize that farmers don’t want to do all the legwork themselves when they can use technology to their advantage. For instance, instead of having to cover the entire field themselves every time a farmer needs to spray their crops, they can just use the drones to do it for them.

Obviously, a conventional drone will not be a suitable choice for this, and companies such as DJI have already released drone solutions that include dedicated spray tanks and sprayers. Parrot isn’t one to be left behind, and with the Parrot Bluegrass Fields, the company has offered a comprehensive end to end solution for crop assessment.

The Parrot Bluegrass Fields solution isn’t just for farmers, it can also be used by researchers and agronomists to get important insights that will help them boost yields and assess the quality of their crops. With this full solution, the company has incorporated its Bluegrass drone, a big favorite, with the ParrotFields mobile mapping app.

Along with that, the company has also integrated Pix4Dfields desktop drone mapping software and cloud-based solutions. This is designed to streamline crop assessment and make it easy for an average farmer or researcher to not just map their fields, but also take a closer look at their crops without having to actually wade all the way into the field.

It’s important to note that these solutions are not designed for crop spraying; they are only designed for researching and mapping. Many large-scale farmers find it difficult to accurately map their fields and keep a close check on their crops. With the Parrot Bluegrass Fields solution, this is now a very real possibility.

The Quadcopter

The star attraction in the Parrot Bluegrass Fields package is the Bluegrass drone, one of the leading agricultural drones released by the company. The Parrot AG drone is housed in a carbon-fiber shell and comes with a maximum flight time of 25 minutes. The company has also been very generous with the battery solutions, adding three different batteries right out of the box.

Perhaps the biggest advantage for buying this drone is the fact that it offers flight coverage of up to 160 acres, which is phenomenal. Obviously, if you are a farmer and have larger fields to worry about, then you can easily set up multiple Parrot drones and they will cover different areas.

The drone can fly at 400 feet and also comes with a tailor-made backpack that makes it incredibly easy to transport at different locations throughout the fields. Then, you have the simple vertical take-off and landing integrated in the drone, which makes it considerably easy for an average farmer to fly their drone, even if they are in a congested spot.

Mapping Your Crops

One of the major technological advancements incorporated within this package is the Parrot Sequoia. Now, for those who don’t know, the Parrot Sequoia is a multispectral sensor that has been integrated into the drone. It also has a 14 MP RGB camera that is capable of shooting both videos and pictures in pristine full HD.

It’s designed to be a multipurpose solution that doesn’t just allow you to map your crops, but also scout them visually, all the while standing in one spot. Obviously, you can move if you want to, but you can bet that the drone will do all the legwork.


The package also comes with the ParrotFields mobile mapping app, and you get a full one-year subscription free of charge. This makes the entire workflow incredibly easy, allowing you to not only generate NDVI maps in real time, but you can also plan automatic mapping flights with relative ease.

If you want to regularly map and check the fields, you can also set up semi-automated scouting flights over different areas. For instance, if there are particular areas that you are interested in, the Parrot will check them out for you. Then, you can always add text annotations as well as overlay photos that you have taken from the ground.

Crop Analysis

Apart from the app, you also get access to Pix4Dfields cloud and desktop solution. This gives you another layer of insights and allows you to carry out a thorough, in-depth analysis of all the data on your crops that you have compiled, along with creating index maps to gauge crop performance and analyze it as per your liking.

Prescription maps can also be created and you can easily export them to different tractors or other management systems on your farm.

The Controller

To control the Parrot AG drone, you are going to have to use a controller, and there’s hardly a better controller around than the Skycontroller 2, which has been included in the package. It is a fantastic, ergonomic controller that makes it easy for you to fly your drone over longer areas without much of a hassle.

The company has also included a battery charger and a micro-USB cable that you can use for connectivity. Designed for maximum performance, this is one of the best drones out there that you can use for agricultural applications.

Drawing Comparisons

A lot of people make the mistake of comparing drones from Parrot, especially their agricultural variants, with those offered by DJI. DJI, the Chinese company that is arguably the leader of the pack in the world of drones, has introduced drones that are designed for specific agricultural applications.

For instance, their Agras T16 is a pretty popular drone that was designed for crop spraying. It has a modular structure and comes with swappable spray tanks that are able to carry up to 16 L of liquid. Obviously, this is not the same. This Parrot drone was not designed for a similar function.

It was actually designed for farmers and agronomists who want to know more about how their crops are performing. There are always areas after a harvest that you will have identified where you could do better. Obviously, on a larger farm, it is nearly impossible for the farmer to know everything there is to know about their fields.

They simply can’t be everywhere at one time, and as a result of that, they often have to employ field inspectors whose sole job is to roam around different areas of the fields and keep a firm eye on the crops and their progress. If they are a problem, it can be rectified as soon as it is identified in its early stages.

But, with this agricultural drone, you no longer have to worry about all of that. Thanks to the excellent mapping software and the reliability of the drone, you can easily cover larger areas within a very short span of time. It’s one of the best choices for farmers who are looking to take a close look at their crops without adding a significant burden on their payroll.

The biggest advantage of these drones is that they are reliable and come under warranty. Parrot is a household name in the world of consumer drones, and there are countless reviews online about their offerings. Since this is a specialized product designed for a particular purpose, you are obviously not going to find a whole lot of reviews about it.

But, the best thing is that Parrot offers extensive warranty coverage, and also has a dedicated team available that offers fantastic support should you ever need it. The company has made it very clear that it aims to stand by its patrons and wants to offer them the very best in terms of after-sales service.

This is one of the best agricultural drones out there for farmers and is definitely going to be a major choice as technology continues to take over the agricultural industry.

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